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Welcome to AnonsWiki. This is a simple site where anyone can edit or create any pages about any topic anonymously. No registration is required. Please try to keep the edits civil and qualitative. AnonsWiki will not directly store IP addresses and is not interested in tracking you. Hashed IP addresses are stored to prevent spamming but are soon removed when they are older than 1 hour. No Logs are kept. Starting pages : - create_page - recent_edits - search_page - page_list - random_page Featured pages : - richard_stallman - draconious_go - Private_Trackers - Triangle Details on the workings : - A page will be deleted if it isn't viewed in last 100 days - A page's older version will be deleted in 100 days - You can use trip_code if you want This site was inspired by http://wiki.c2.com/ and http://txti.es/. A similar file sharing site: http://0x0.st/ Create wikilinks by writing page URL without protocol. The source code is available at : https://github.com/blobmon/anonswiki/ wtf is this? Answer : A simple anonymous wiki where one can edit/create pages and help, communicate, share and care for each other.